Guidelines for Re-opening the Rowing Season 2020

  1. Must park at Wilmer Park. NO parking is allowed on the street in front of the Boat House.
  2. CRRC is NOT allowed to access the club room or the old boathouse. The new Hodson Boathouse is also closed to CRRC, no erging, or use of the tank.
  3. Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet in all areas on the boathouse grounds. Only 2 boats can launch from the dock at one time.
  4. Rowing will be allowed in singles only this season unless we receive different regulations from the state.
  5. Facemask must be worn in and around the boathouse and on the docks. Mask can be removed once on the water in a single but should be put back on when returning to the dock.
  6. Wash your hands with soap and water. Clean the boats after use and wipe down oarlocks, seats and boat deck before rowing. All club members are responsible for bringing their own hand sanitizer.
  7. CRRC will continue the usual rowing schedule of Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm, and Saturday mornings from 8-10am with a chase boat and coaching. Singles will be on a first come first serve basis. Must sign up on the website!
  8. Morning rowers will sign up on the website as well along with the time planned to row.
  9. Morning rowers must have a rowing partner. It takes two people to carry most of the singles. Only club members with personal boats may row by themselves.
  10. Use conservative judgement and more caution about the winds when considering rowing. Walk out at the end of the dock to help evaluate the conditions.
  11. CRRC is renting a port a pot to place by the club room. It will have a key. We plan to keep it locked.
  12. Oars will be signed out to club members. You will be responsible for cleaning the oars after use, storing them at your house and bringing them when you row or storing them under the Hodson Boathouse porch steps.

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